Michael Adamis

Electroacoustic Works / 1964-1977

18 February 2013
Upper Stage
18 € | Concs 10 €
Born in May 1929 in Piraeus, Michael Adamis studied both Western and Byzantine Music and Theology before pursuing postgraduate studied in Electroacoustic music and Byzantine music palaeography at Brandeis University in Boston.

Having founded Greece’s first electronic music laboratory in 1965, he was a forerunner during the first contemporary electroacoustic music era (1964-1980) and played a key role in helping establish contemporary music in Greece. Moreover, as a key exponent of Greek contemporary music for over forty years, Adamis has successfully married innovation and tradition.

His oeuvre to date includes over 300 works for orchestra, instrumental ensembles, solo instruments, voice, choir and multiple media as well as electronic music. He has also written works for the church as well as for the theatre and television. Michael Adamis passed away recently, on 21 January 2013.

The Michael Adamis – Electroacoustic Works /1964-1977 collection is to be presented at the Update festival, which will also feature live performances of some of his early electronic works.
There will be a short pre-concert presentation of the works.



Minyrismos [Whimpering] (1966), for tape

Glaros 2 [Seagull] (1978), for flute and 2-channel tape
Myrto Korkokiou: flute

Miroloi [Lament] (1970), for two psalmists, two isocrates (vocal drones), percussion and tape
Achilleas Chaldaiakis: 1st psalmist
Grigorios Anastasiou: 2nd psalmist
Charis Trasanis: isocrates
George Ktistis: isocrates
Babis Taliadouros: percussion
Conducted by Thodoris Karathodoros

Proschemata [Pretexts] (1964), for tape

Endon [Inward] (2001), for alto saxophone and electroacoustic music. Based on the work Metallic Sculptures (1972).
Alexandros Theodorakopoulos: alto saxophone

Kratema (1971), for psalmist, oboe, tuba and electroacoustic music
Giorgos Adamis: vocalist
Spyros Kontos: oboe
Sakis Myronis: tuba