The Athens Dialogues

The adventure of human curiosity: Travelling from antiquity to modern recreation

20 September 2013
Main Stage
Prominent scientists from around the world as well as from Greece will participate in this event.
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Discovering the unknown, concern about survival but also war, colonization and commerce became the driving force for the need to travel throughout the course of human history. Travelling fulfills one of the most profound human needs for mobility, discovery and ultimately evolution. The Roman road system was developed in order to achieve better communication within the empire but at the same time marked a revolution in the form of travel and movement. These routes were preserved throughout Late Antiquity and in some cases became part of the pilgrimage routes of the Middle Ages.  Travel continued to evolve along with the technological and cultural innovations and it drastically affects related developments. Financial and cultural welfare of contemporary man created the sense of travel for recreation and as a consequence the industry of tourism.The purpose of the colloquium is to explore the human need for adventure as expressed in antiquity through the texts of Pausanias, the pilgrimage travel of the Middle Ages, travel in the age of Romanticism, to the modern form of travel for pleasure.  Click here to see the programme.


Petros Themelis, Professor of Classical Archeology, University of Crete
Richard Stoneman, Honorary Visiting Professor, University of Exeter
Antigoni Zournatzi, Historian, Archeologist, Senior Researcher of the National Hellenic Research Foundation
Gary Vikan, Former Director of the Walters Art Museum
Veronica Della Dora, Senior Lecturer in Geographies of Knowledge, Bristol University
George Tolias, Director of research at the Institute for Historical Research / NHRF
Alexandre Farnoux, Director of the French Archaeological School in Athens
Maria Kostaridou, Historian, Researcher and professor of English Literature
Ioli Vingopoulou, Researcher Institute for Neohellenic Research/ NHRF
John Walton, Research Professor, Ikerbasque Foundation, University of Bilbao
Magia Tsokli, Journalist, Co-creator of a Travelling TV programme called “Travelling with Magia Tsokli”
Ismini Morou, Executive in the travel industry, Coordinator of the tourist services DIMAR


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