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Marianna Kavallieratos | klokworks


19 - 21 October 2013
Upper Stage
In the latest work from the Greek choreographer and long-term Robert Wilson collaborator, “the only sure thing is change”.
18 €
Concs 10 € | Unemployed 5 €

In recalculate, the third work from the klokworks company, four dancers seek a path which they keep changing as their actions create new destinations. Of course, the same could be said of Marianna Kavallieratos, who has been working with the celebrated avant-garde director, Robert Wilson, for two decades now.

The Greek dancer and choreographer has already blazed her own trail, exploring the compositional movement and geometry of bodies in dance. Her interests lie in form, structure and action, simplicity and abstraction. And what of meaning? Could she be alluding to the contemporary quotidian in which action is not a conscious choice for some or serves as a way of evading thought?

Might her images refer to a world in flux in which constant changes of direction have become inevitable? The choreographer leaves her symbolisms open-ended, insisting that “We don’t have to understand everything in Art. We just need to be there”.

20 Oct 2013

Upper Stage


After performance talk with Marianna Kavalieratou

20 Oct 2013



Workshop with Marianna Kavallieratos