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FFF | BERLIN theatre company: Jerusalem

2 - 3 May 2014
Upper Stage
<em>Jerusalem </em>by the important Flemish theatre company, is both a performance-film and a visual installation, a work that its creators define as a “portrait of a city”.
15€ | Concs 10€ | Unemployed 5€
Jerusalem (2013) by the important Flemish theatre company, Berlin, is both a performance-film and a visual installation. The work, which its creators define as a “portrait of a city”, is based on a singular combining of videos shot in Jerusalem—from the Wailing Wall to the Palestinian camps—and interviews with its inhabitants: Jews, Muslims and Christians.

Jerusalem is the first part of the Holocene cycle, a series of works dedicated to “city portraits”. To create it, the Berlin theatre company has visited Jerusalem in 2003—when the first version of the project came into being—and returned to the city last year to film new material and fresh statements from their original interviewees in order to trace the socio-political changes that had come about in the city over the decade.


With the voices of: Rabbi Mike Swirsky, Maia Sigal Lesiau, Meir Shalev, Rabbi Daniël Epstein, Mahmoud Salamat, Wajeeh Nusseibeh, Father Angelo Ison, Omar al-Nady, Sheik Muhamad Husain, Munir Nusseibeh, Ziad Alaraj, Micha Kurz, Greg Myre, Laith Youssef, Sari Nusseibeh, Suzanne & Max Singer

BERLIN: Bart Baele & Yves Degryse
Soundtrack: Peter Van Laerhoven
Live music by: Eric Thielemans (percussion), Katelijn Van Kerckhoven (cello), Tristan Driessens (oud), Peter Van Laerhoven (guitar, saz)
Interviews: Yves Degryse
Photography: Bart Baele, Luk Sponselee
Editing: Bart Baele, Geert De Vleesschauwer, Lotte De Troyer
Mixing: Peter Van Laerhoven
Sound recording: Tom de With, Toon Meuris, Robrecht Ghesquière, Maarten Moesen
Production & Communication: Laura Fierens
Technical coordination: Robrecht Ghesquière
General coordination: Natalie Schrauwen
Financial Manager: Kurt Lannoye
Construction scenery: Manu Siebens, Jef De Cremer
Stagecraft: Jef Loots
Costumes: Kim Troubleyn
Stage photography: Gaël Maleux
Translations from Arabic: Majd Khalifeh
Intern: Heleen De Boever
Driver: Nour Siam
Production: BERLIN
Coproduction: Temps d' images / Centquatre (Paris), PACT Zollverein (Essen , Germany), La Comédie de Valence - CDN Drôme Ardèche (France), Le Lux - Scène nationale de Valence (France), SPIELART Festival / Münchner Kammerspiele (Munich)
With the support of the Flemish Government.
BERLIN is associated artist to CENTQUATRE – Paris.

Many thanks to STUK Kunstencentrum, ccBe, Evelyn Lernout, Frederic Mariage, Vladimir Ivanoff, Toby Back, Karen Mets, Stijn Segers, Obada Alami, Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies, Balkan Beat Box, Wadi Hilweh Information Center - Majd Gaith, Ludo Abicht, Brigitte Hermans, Ozel, Helge Daniëls, Dani Dorani, Fam. Z. Alaraj, Remi & Ilias, Kirsten,Toby Back, Osama H. Al-Risheq, Anthe, Ama Oda, Linde, Tom de With, East-Jerusalem YMCA Rehabilitation Program, Cathy Blisson, Vanessa & Kiko, Samer Hussam, Alaa Abu Saa, Michael Wolpe.


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3 May 2014

Upper Stage


After-performance talk with BERLIN theatre company

3 May 2014

16:00 Rehearsal Room -3
10 €


Workshop with Bart Baele (BERLIN theatre company)