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Education and Diversity

2 April 2014
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Recent decades have seen Greece become a host country for immigrants—a development that caught the educational system unprepared. In their efforts to induct children with only a limited knowledge of the Greek language into schools, the educational authorities underestimated a corresponding need: to teach Greek students to accept the Other. By tabling this issue for discussion, the OCC is embarking on the search for educational approaches and methodologies that will allow our education system to transcend idées fixes and prejudices and produce rational, socially-aware citizens who are not predisposed to view the Other with hostility.


Kostas Therianos: PhD in Education Science, schoolmaster of 19th Athens High School (Aghios Panteleimonas)

Kostis Papaioannou: Philologist, essayist, President of the Greek National Commission for Human Rights, founding member of the Racist Violence Recording Network

Zara Todd: Υouth participation co-ordinator for the alliance for inclusive education

Gerasimos Kolaitis: Assistant Professor of Child Psychiatry, Director, Department of Child Psychiatry, Athens University Medical School, “Aghia Sophia” Children’s Hospital, Athens

Cycle “Education and Diversity” Curation: Manolis Piblis

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