Christian Boltanski


8 October 2013 — 12 January 2014
Monday - Sunday, 12:00-21:00
Exhibition Hall
The internationally fêted French artist creates a new participatory artwork exclusively for the OCC focused on Athenian eyes and heartbeats.
6 €
Concs 4 €
Free admission for ticket holders of performances at the OCC

Throughout his artistic career, Christian Boltanski has defended the right to freedom for every human being, irrespective of their nationality, their religion or the social class to which they belong. This is the freedom he demands for all the anonymous victims of the concentration camps, for all the anonymous citizens in all the countries of the world who are subject to every kind of repression.

Armed with the black and white photographs he collects as relics of people he never knew, with the weak yellowish light of old-fashioned light bulbs and digital chronometers that measure out human existence second by second, he becomes the ultimate anthropocentric artist, an archivist and chronicler of human traces.

In his emotionally-charged installation, Eyes, Boltanski can hardly wait to magnify Athenian eyes draws from actual ID photographs and to invite visitors to actively participate by recording their heartbeat in real time in an effort to keep their biological and mental imprint alive into perpetuity. By putting an individual face to anonymity, he starts a dialogue between the personal and impersonal and leads us up a stage from ‘looking’ to ‘seeing’ by helping us acquire the awareness and self-awareness the latter demands.


Exhibition curator: Marilena Karra

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Free admission to Christian Boltanski "Eyes" exhibition for ticket holders of performances at the OCC. The offer is valid for the ticket date.

Guided tours to Christian Boltanski "Eyes" exhibition on Wednesdays 27 November, 4, 11 & 18 December and 8 January, at 19:00-20:00 by the curator and Aristic Director of Visual Arts, Marilena V. Karra.

11 Nov 2013


Discussion with Christian Boltanski

8 Oct 2013


Masterclass with Christian Boltanski


21 Oct - 17 Dec 2013

3€ per student


Interactive guided tours and workshops to the visual arts exhibitions of the OCC Christian Boltanski exhibition