Workshop with BADco. collective / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE
8 March 2014
Dance Room
15 €
Whatever Dance Toolbox is a product of a long-standing research-oriented collaboration around computer-dancer interaction between BADco. and German human-machine interface developer and artist Daniel Turing. It is a suite of free software tools designed to assist in generating, developing, analyzing and rehearsing choreographic work.

Simply put, the tools employ three different types of visual analysis, delay, reverse-play, jitter and slow motion function together with prolonged exposition function to allow dancers and choreographers to study and complexify their movements and relations.

Understanding how the machine sees space and movement, working with divided attention, understanding the importance of conscious decision making in dance improvisation, approaching improvisation in terms of montage, learning to use technology for the sake of analysis and change in movement quality and reinventing the quality of relations to other bodies in space are only some practical aspects that can be addressed with the help of Toolbox. Regardless of the fact that we developed the Toolbox for the purpose of dance analysis it proved to be equally inspiring to people outside the dance field. One of the reasons for that is that instead of explaining dance only as expression of the dancer's self or as self-referring choreographic object, the Toolbox brings to light relational aspects and procedurality of thinking in dance.

During this workshop Zrinka Užbinec (dancer/choreographer) and Ivana Ivković (dramaturg) will make an introduction into how the Toolbox works, explain basic concepts that arose from the experience of working with it as well as provide the participants with elementary knowledge of the possibilities of its practical application in and outside the dance field.

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