Workshop with Via Negativa company / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE
Saturday 15 March
Rehearsal Room -3
15 €
Via Negativa company about the workshop:

"Our main goal is to trigger your creative potential. VN workshop is not about teaching acting techniques or skills, but how and why to use them in performing. In the first place it is a thinking process, which should help you to become aware of your creative potentials and limits. You will have to rely on your imagination, intuition, presence, energy, experience… The participants will be (re)searching their own material and developing the most efficient performing strategy. It’s meant for practitioners and makers of contemporary performing arts with some previous experiences. That’s why it is important to prepare some material in advance.

The working theme of the workshop summarizes the simple word “power”. With this short text I would like briefly highlight why “power” and to indicate why I find this topic particularly interesting.

We as individuals and as society (or collective), we are always in a certain relation to power. There is a whole hierarchy of different centers of power: economy, nationality, family, knowledge, information, sexuality, personality, you name it. We as individuals have different scales and shapes of this pyramid of power, we could say that this hierarchy reflects a certain identity, it shapes us as individuals. On the other hand, we all submit, willingly or not, to some very general representations of power: state, law, religion, art, science, force etc. From this point of view power becomes something universal, it works on simple, basic and ancient principles. Of course there is also our constant need to build our own position of power. The sense of power confirms our meaning, our identity, our lives. We are looking for the situations where we feel strong and we avoid the situations in which we feel weak.  We are looking forward situations where we become source of power. The art is also a tool of power, it amplifies my personality, it makes my point of view important and meaningful. And there is also a question of how we use or misuse our power. The power is always perceived as power of something: language, picture, myth, wisdom, imagination, voice, song, and all of these are at the same time our tools of artistic expression. History could be read as a story about power. The art also has very specific relation towards its own power and has the ability to empower something, which at first sight we perceive as powerless. There’s basic power we could name it power of life, it’s given to everyone. It is a natural law of survival. Or to put it differently: life has its own power. But it does not mean that an object doesn’t have power. Of course it posses certain energy, physicality, but it is our special relationship that gives certain objects even supernatural power for instance relics, symbols, money etc.

All these are just scattered thoughts on the topic of power in order to focus our mind and imagination. For the purpose of workshop each participant should find his/hers own stage articulation (presentation, scene, statement) about personal relation to power and present it to the rest of participants. More about how we are going to work and what and how to prepare please read on our website:"

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Aimed at:
Emerging performing arts practitioners (performers, dancers, actors, directors etc), who would like to develop or improve their creative strategy.


Tel: 213 017 8002
Ms Myrto Lavda