Masterclass with Nicolas Stemann / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE

Masterclass with Nicolas Stemann

Turning "post-dramatic" into drama: An insight into the staging of non-dramatic texts

Nicolas Stemann / Thalia Theater

Saturday 29 March
Dance Room
10 €
How is it possible to create theatre if the dramatic text doesn't contain any of the things that we have learned to consider as essentially "theatrical" or "dramatic: characters, dialogue, action, situation, scenery, conflict, psychology. At a first glimpse, none of these things are to be found in the latter plays by Austrian noble-price-winner Elfriede Jelinek. Nevertheless she calls her texts "Tragedy", "Comedy" or "Drama". Why is that? What is theatrical about those texts? And what are the problems for the theatre makers who are dealing with them? What are the special chances, what the challenges for a theatre who has to solve those problems?

In his masterclass Nicolas Stemann will give a brief insight in his experiences with those topics from the point of view of the theatre artist. Stemann has been collaborating with Jelinek for more than ten years now and staged most of her recent plays.

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Aimed at:
The class is open for all theatre artists, however the focus will be on the work of the theatre director.

Tel: 213 017 8002
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