After-performance talk with the participants in "Damned Be the Traitor Of His Homeland!" / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE
5 March 2014
Main Stage
“Damned be the traitor of his homeland!”. This no-holds-barred production from the internationally-fêted 37-year-old director takes its title from the last line of the former Yugoslavia’s national anthem. Unrestrained and provocative, overflowing with Balkan music and an extreme physicality, this anarchic cabaret tackles the break-up of the former Yugoslavia, nationalism and sectarian hatred. Born in Bosnia to Serbo-Croat parents, Oliver Frljić is considered a key figure in the contemporary avant-garde Balkan theatre. His productions have travelled to international festivals, including Brussels’ Kunstenfestivaldesarts and Vienna’s Festwochen.


Chaired by Iliana Dimadi, theatre specialist - theatre critic.