Greek Jazz Panorama - New Generation / 1 / ONASSIS CULTURAL CENTRE

Greek Jazz Panorama - New Generation / 1

17 - 19 June 2014
The next generation of Greek jazz on the OCC roof terrace for three singular summer concerts!
15 € with a drink (beer or wine) included
Tickets for the concert can be purchased by HYTRA restaurant from 20:00 on the concert day, at the OCC's Main Lobby

For three summer nights, six groups representing the up-and-coming Greek jazz generation will be in concert on the Onassis Cultural Centre roof terrace.

The Greek jazz scene has finally found a permanent home at the... OCC. Inspired by the success of the Greek Jazz Panorama, which will be celebrating its fifth iteration this coming December, and by its determination to help spotlight contemporary Greek jazz on an annual basis, the OCC has decided to provide the upcoming generation of Greek jazz musicians with a platform of its own.

Our decision to organize this event is underpinned by our firm belief in the art of these young jazz musicians and by our desire both to enable this generation to create and express itself and to record their creations as they happen and not, as is usually the case, in retrospect.

For three consecutive evenings, the OCC roof terrace will host two one-hour concerts per day with a fifteen-minute intermission.




21:15 Yiannis Papadopoulos Trio
Yiannis Papadopoulos: piano
Dinos Manos: double bass
Vasilis Podaras: drums

22:30 Costis Christodoulou Quintet / The Thing
Costis Christodoulou: piano
Dimitris Tsakas: alto sax
Antonis Andreou: trombone, trumpet
Periklis Trivolis: double bass
Sotiris Douvas: drums


21:15 Ζoe Efstathiou Τrio
Ζoe Efstathiou: piano
Niklas Wennström: double bass
Robert Ikiz: drums

22:30 Stelios Chatzikaleas Quintet
Stelios Chatzikaleas: trumpet
Grigoris Danis: guitar
Marios Valinakis: sax
Dinos Manos: double bass
Thanos Hadzianagnostou: drums


21:15 ΙnDuologue
Alexandra Lerta: vocals
Vasilis Stefanopoulos: double bass

22:30 Μomo Τrio
Giorgos Dousis: piano
Nikos Kassavetis: drums
Paraskevas Kitsos: double bass